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llyn strong
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Mission Statement:
At llyn strong fine art jewelry we transform precious metals and gemstones into wearable works of art that bring beauty, inspiration, and lasting meaning to the wearer.

Creating the magic that dreams are made of….

Let llyn strong and her creative team of artists transform a lifetime of memories or your desires for tomorrow into wearable works of art.

Using precious metals and the finest gemstones sourced from around the world, the llyn strong team envisions what each stone can become—whether a ring, earring, necklace, bracelet, or pendant. With attention to the smallest details, the team designs and handcrafts a setting to cradle each gem. The result is a dynamic, heirloom-quality piece that has a story to tell about you, the wearer.

To begin or add to your own collection of fine art jewelry, visit llyn strong, located in Suite C1 at 1322 East Washington Street, Greenville, SC. Peruse and select from individually crafted pieces or meet with llyn strong personally to design a custom, bespoke piece that captures your story, your personality, and your style.

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"How to design the perfect engagement ring" with custom diamond engagement ring on reflective surface.

How to design the perfect engagement ring.

Engagement rings are one of the first big jewelry purchases that a couple makes, and the importance of that decision can put a lot of pressure on the person shopping for the ring.  This guide will help inform you before your consultation and give you some things to consider during your planning.

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