The American Artisan Festival Returns this Father’s Day Weekend

This June, the American Artisan Festival returns to Nashville after a 4-year hiatus. Started by Nancy Saturn 43 years ago, the free-to-attend festival was organized to celebrate the best of American arts and crafts. Now, Nancy’s daughter Samantha Saturn has moved back to Nashville from New York City to revive the festival and continue the work of the American craft movement.

The American craft movement began in the early 1900s as a response to the industrial revolution and the fear that handmade goods would become scarce as mass production became the norm. Artisans and historians, craftsmen and collectors, all banded together to honor the unique, the self-made, and the one of a kind. Through the years, the movement was able to preserve the traditions and techniques of decorative rural art and practical crafts which might have been rendered obsolete by industrialization. In 2017 the movement continues in festivals large and small as well as galleries such as the American Artisan Gallery.

Located in Centennial Park in Nashville, the 43rd American Artisan Festival will begin Friday June 16th and run all weekend. 150 artists will have booths where attendees can browse and handmade crafts ranging from paintings to photographs to ceramics. In addition to artisans, there will also be a line-up of live music and plenty of local food and craft beer. The festival will also feature a community art project called Grow Love, a maze in the shape of a magnolia flower, as a homage to Nancy Saturn.

We are happy to announce llyn strong has been selected to participate in the American Artisan Festival and we hope to see you in Nashville this Father’s Day Weekend.


American Artisan Festival Dates, Times, Location:

Centennial Park, Nashville TN

June 16 – 18, 2017

Friday 4PM – 8PM, Saturday 10AM – 7PM, Sunday 10 – 5PM

Check out the official website for more information:

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