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llyn strong

llyn strong headshot at llynstrong fine art jewelry in Greenville, SC

Artist Statement

There is something magical about the act of creation: by making things, we both understand and express ourselves. My work embraces materials, techniques and traditions of both the ancient and the recent past, but explores forms and uses relevant to the present and the future. I always aspire to create art which enriches appearance and reciprocal understanding.


llyn strong is an artist who appreciates the rarity of fine jewelry, but understands that the real value lies within each jewel’s unique story. Since fashioning her first piece in 1972, llyn has carved out her own space as a jeweler and an artist. Each llyn strong creation cleverly blends functionality with beauty to create a unique, timeless piece that represents the wearer. As one of the first business owners in the Greenville resurgence, llyn is committed to making the upstate a beautiful place to live and do business. 

llyn strong has earned the reputation as one of the most sought-after custom jewelry makers in the country. She has won multiple design awards, both in the United States and internationally. Not only does llyn craft collections that bear her signature luxurious look, but she also materializes the vision of others. llyn helps you to curate your own collection of cherished, made-to-order jewelry.

While llyn remains deeply involved in the business, she’s semi-retired now that her talented daughter Syd has taken the reins. In classic llyn fashion, her next chapter is all about exploring new ways to be creative! She’s taken up encaustic painting and continues to design pieces she’s dreaming up. Only now, she’s got more time for gardening, yoga, and relaxing with family and friends.