meet the llyn strong team
Azniv Chorbadjian 2023

azniv chorbadjian

Azniv Chorbadjian was born in Greenville, SC. She attended the Fine Art Center, where she discovered her love for metalsmithing, and since, began her never ending creative journey. The newest member of our staff, Azniv, is our assistant goldsmith. She collects seed pods, house plants, and all sorts of found treasures. Her favorite places to be are antique stores and botanical gardens. In her spare time she is usually making or experimenting with new designs. Heavily inspired by botany, Azniv considers her personal works to be reflections of nature. Her line of jewelry is available in store and online.

Erin Stuart 2023

erin stuart

Erin Stuart was born in Greenville, SC. She graduated from Greenville’s Fine Arts Center with a concentration in metals and then received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Winthrop University with dual concentration in sculpture and metals. As the head goldsmith at llyn strong Fine Art Jewelry, Erin devotes much of her time to casting and fabricating mounts and setting stones. Erin’s favorite gemstone is sapphire in all of its hues. She is also fascinated with rose-cut gemstones. Since working at the store, Erin has developed her own line of jewelry, which she calls wearable sculptures. Consisting primarily of oxidized sterling silver, 14k gold, and laser-sintered nylon, her work is available in store and online.

Kate Worthen 2023

kate lowrey

Kate Lowrey was born in Greenville, SC. She graduated from the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities with a concentration in metals. She then attended Furman University where she received a Bachelor of Arts in studio art with a concentration in sculpture. Kate is a master CAD (computer-aided design) and CAM (computer-aided manufacture) technician, which means that she applies cutting-edge, modeling techniques via computer and 3D printer to actualize llyn’s jewelry designs. Of her jewelry preferences, Kate prefers rings, “because I like to be able to look at my jewelry while I wear it.” Her favorite gemstone is opal (it’s also her birth stone), and she is also drawn to gemstones in earth-tone hues.

Faron Justice 2023

faron justice

Faron Justice was born in Greenville, SC. She was introduced to jewelry making through her education at Greenville’s Fine Arts Center. In her senior year of high school, she interned for llyn before joining our staff full-time. Faron is on of our goldsmiths. She also manages our online inventory. Pink is Faron’s favorite color, so it’s no surprise that morganite is her gemstone of choice. Her top pick of gemstone cut is pear-shapes. Faron is developing designs for her own line of jewelry available for purchase in store and online.