AGTA: your source for credible colored gemstone buying

Did you know that llyn strong is a member of AGTA (American Gem Trade Association)?

This means as a buyer, your interests when buying colored gemstones through her are protected.

AGTA was founded in 1981 in Tucson by a group of gemstone dealers who were not happy with the local gem show.  They knew that to start their own show, they would need credibility and had a responsibility to their buyers.  This would help their industry as a whole.

Today, the AGTA leads the industry “in the ethical promotion of natural colored gemstones and cultured pearls.”

Two contributions the AGTA has made to the industry are the AGTA Code of Ethics and Principles of Fair Business Practices and the Gemstone Information Manual.

What this all means is that AGTA members are honest about gemstone enhancements and treatments.  This can affect the value of the stone.  They practice fair business and understand that by being ethical, the industry is stronger as whole.  When you buy a gem from an AGTA member you know what you are paying for.

I am attaching a link to the AGTA website. Please feel free to check it out for gemstone information, upcoming shows, membership and services.


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