The fossilized, hardened resin of a pine tree creates the stone, Amber.  It is found mostly in the Baltic, but younger ones have been found in the Dominican Republic.

Pieces as large as 22 pounds have been found.

Bubbles within Amber can be cleared out by boiling it in rape-seed oil.

Insects and plants can sometimes be included within.

The largest Amber deposit is in Russia.  It is a 30 foot layer of Amber under 100 feet of sand.  15% of this is good for jewelry, and the rest is used for other technical purposes.

Also, there are amber reserves on the Baltic seabed.  Amber is washed up on beaches there.  Baltic Amber is considered “gold of the North.”

In the United States, there are deposits in Alaska and New Jersey.

Since prehistoric times, Amber has been used for jewelry and religious objects, such as smoking accessories and amulets.  It is actually one of the earliest-used gem materials.

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