Another featured Local Artist… Danielle Miller!

Danielle Miller

We are still gearing up for our reception, “Strong Artists!”  Remember, this event is being held on Sunday, February 16 4-6pm.  The purpose of this event is to help you get to know the local artists we currently represent at llyn strong fine jewelry.  We feel that part of what makes hand-made jewelry special is the story behind the people who make it.

In honor of our event, I want to tell you about our local jeweler, Danielle Miller.  Danielle is originally from Johnstown, Pennsylvania.  Her designs are influenced by tools, architecture, toys and games.  Her jewelry often is known for its kinetic elements, although, her newer line is slightly different with faceted metal and gems.

Danielle’s husband, Ben, teaches metal design at the Governor’s School of the Arts and Humanities.  Danielle teaches metals at the Tryon Center for Arts and Crafts.

Below are some images of her work, so please stop by and see it in person!

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