Pronounced “kal-ced-ney”

“Chalcedony” encompases a variety of gemstones, including agate, petrified wood, chrysophrase, bloodstone, jasper, carnelian, moss agate, onyx and sard.  The Chalcedony that we typically refer to in the gallery, however, is a bluish-white-gray gem.  We have several pieces that have been hand carved by Steve Walters.

All Chalcedony is a cyptocrystalline quartz.  It has a hardness of about 7 and contains parallel microscopic fibers.

It was probably named after an ancient town at the Bosporus.

This gem is porous, and therefore, is often dyed.

Deposits are found in Brazil, India, Zimbabwe, California and others.

These used to be used in ancient cameos.

The blue gemstone in this featured cuff is Chalcedony!

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