Christmas Clasps and Strands… Mix and Match!

If you liked the idea of interchangeable earring jackets and studs, you are sure to like this one too!

llyn is also known for an interchangeable necklace system.  We call it the “Modullyn” system.

Almost any of llyn’s necklaces can fit almost any of her clasps.  This gives you the option to dress up or down your jewelry for any occasion.  It also gives you the option to match your jewelry better, to pack less on vacation while still getting versatility and to build upon your collection over the years.

You can start with a strand and a clasp, and later, buy another clasp.  This way you can gradually have an amazing collection of hand-made, wearable art.

llyn can also convert your pearl strands or chains so they can be worn with her clasps.

So stop by and find the ideal match for you! Here a few good examples of interchangeable strands and clasps…

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