Today, I want to tell you what we recommend to safely keep your jewelry clean and not broken.

We recommend having your jewelry cleaned and stone settings checked every six months.  We can do this for you here.  Just bring in the pieces, and we will check to be sure prongs are not broken and stones are not loose.  As long as no stones are loose, we will soak the jewelry in a cleaning solution and steam out any dirt.  You will leave with your gems sparkling!

If we see that anything needs repair, you are welcome to set up a repair job with us.  Repairs usually run three weeks, although around Christmas, that could be a little longer.

At home, we recommend that you clean your jewelry with hand soap and water.  As long as no stones are loose, use a soft toothbrush, and you should be able to remove daily grime.  Never use chemicals, such as bleach or toothpaste, on your jewelry.  They can be very harmful to it.

Below, Kate is carefully checking a ring for loose stones.

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