Themed Collections


diamond crown studs and bee jackets
Bee Mine Unbreakable Heart Necklace
18k white gold aquamarine, precious topaz and diamond ring

It is the “Year of the Bee” at llyn strong fine art jewelry in Greenville, S.C. Bees became a point of interest for 2023, not only because of their beauty as a symbol for community, but also because of their impact on humanity as a whole.


Rose gold butterfly pearl earrings
Customer grey and yellow cuff with gold butterflies
Gold Butterfly Studs and Carnelian Jackets

To celebrate her own professional growth and the move from downtown on Main to Midtown on Washington, llyn strong created a kaleidoscope of butterflies (yes, that is the collective noun!) in the form of earrings––studs and jackets––rings, clasps, and pendants for you to celebrate your own transformational journey.


18k white gold Mermaid Cameo Clasp with Sapphires
Mermaid cameo pendant on strand of pearls

After a trip to Positano, Italy, llyn was inspired to create a collection reflective of mermaids.



llyn’s favorite artist and constant source of inspiration is Gustav Klimt. Klimt was the son of a goldsmith and is known for using pattern and color in his gorgeous multilayer paintings.

Ammonite (Spiral)

Diamond and obsidian ammonite earring jackets

Spirals are infinite and naturally occurring throughout the world. A great example of nature’s beauty and reoccurring spirals is the ammonite. llyn borrows the shape of these fossils to create the jewelry in her Ammonite Collection.


Yellow gold moth brooch with Australian black opal

As humans we are grounded beings, attracted to and envious of winged creatures’ freedom to take to the skies. llyn’s Moth Collection focuses on the intricacy and beauty of moths and their wings. These pieces free the wearer to let her self expression soar!


black Tahitian pearl, diamond, and sterling silver "angel" brooch

llyn’s mother, Alice, collected angels all her life and is the inspiration behind llyn’s angel collection. When worn and admired, such celestial works of art connect us to our own personal angels.

Unbreakable Heart

Gold and diamond heart necklace

llyn finds a heart in each piece of iron and combines it with precious metals and gemstones to create the jewelry in her Unbreakable Hearts Collection. Everyone has had their heart broken and everyone deserves an Unbreakable Heart.