The Column Ring: a Custom Men’s Fashion Ring

People often associate men’s fashion rings with counter-cultural styles. In reality, men’s rings provide almost limitless opportunities for self-expression for the traditionalist, the businessman, the artist—and everyone in between.

Dan’s custom Column Ring is the perfect example. A local business owner, Dan worked with llyn strong to design an original 18k gold ring crowned with a bicolor tourmaline. It all began as a loose gemstone and a concept sketch.

bicolor tourmaline and gold mens fashion ring with custom column design three quarters view close up on white plexiglass

Designing a Custom Men’s Ring From Scratch

The ring was built around a central focal point: a bicolor tourmaline stone selected during a Gemstone Roundtable. Tourmalines are semi-precious gemstones known for their range of colors. Brilliant reds and pinks transition seamlessly into greens in the watermelon tourmaline. He selected a bicolor tourmaline that features purple and golden yellow tones.

After purchasing the loose tourmaline, Dan and llyn discussed ring designs. llyn envisioned an architectural design in 18k gold. She felt the monumental—yet seemingly weightless—appearance of classical architecture was perfect for a men’s ring. The classical column design offers artistic detail and structural stability—required for supporting a large center stone.

Fashioning the Ring in Our Greenville Studio

After Dan approved llyn’s sketch, our CAD technician set to work digitizing the design. Once the setting was technically sound, 3-D renders were made and approved. Then, the design was sent to our in-house 3-D printer to be “grown” (or, “printed” in 3-D) in wax. The wax model was the foundation for the plaster mold used to cast the gold ring setting.

Set atop a column and arch design, the tourmaline makes a brilliant focal point. The classical Greek temple design extends all the way around the ring, a detail he appreciates. As someone who appreciates the process and conceptualizing and creating a piece of fine jewelry, Dan wants his pieces to be one-of-a-kind and display quality workmanship in every detail. Dan is curating a collection of men’s jewelry that fits his personal style.

Putting the Personal Touch Back into Men’s Fashion Rings

Dan’s column ring is just one example of a men’s ring that incorporates personal style with the excitement of the custom jewelry process. Because the column ring was designed by llyn strong in our Greenville gallery, Dan was involved throughout the process and got the utmost in quality from his budget.

With a multitude of aesthetic possibilities and techniques to choose from, men’s fashion rings are only constrained by the individual wearer’s personal style.


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