Discover the Lotus Garnet

llyn strong is excited to announce the arrival of a rare new gemstone that will be available soon for custom jewelry. The gemstone is the Lotus Garnet, a beautiful, rare form of orange-pink garnet similar in color to Morganite or Imperial Topaz. Lotus Garnet is a member of three garnet families, Pyrope, Spessartine, and Alamndine and was only recently discovered in 2015 in Tanzania. The deposit was found in the alluvial mines and it’s unclear how much raw Lotus Garnet remains. Each production has slight color variation, from more orange to more pink, with a slight red fluorescence which can give the stone a different appearance in sunlight. Stop by today to take a look at the new stones or schedule a custom design meeting with llyn and see what designs are possible with the Lotus Garnet.  Click here to see the Lotus Garnet jewelry currently in stock.

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