Here at llyn strong, we’ve just completed the process of remerchandising. All of llyn strong’s original modular jewelry has been recombined into new looks and all of the floor cases have been changed. If you haven’t been by the shop recently, this is the perfect time to come see what’s new.

We are featuring druzy in many of our new looks. This beautiful small crystal formation can form from quartz or over agate and can often be found inside geodes. Visually, druzy has the quality of sparkling velvet and it can be found or treated to appear in different colors depending on what mineral is underneath. Titanium for instance, can add a cobalt or even a rainbow hue to the crystals.

llyn has used druzy for years, for everything from angel wings to heart shaped pendants and clasps. Its unique texture and look make it perfect for a signature piece of jewelry or an excellent addition to a modular set.

Druzy has been used by mystics for purposes of divination. The crystals are thought to lead one to truth, as well as prevent insomnia and promote good dreams. Enjoy a small selection of our druzy pieces below.


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