Every Angel Has a Story

Angels mean different things to different people but bring inspiration to all of us. Each “Angel” within my collection is individually named; the first being Alice, after my mother and inspiration for this collection. Pendants and brooches with detachable wings that can be worn as earrings, each Angel is accompanied by an original “Angel” portrait that I’ve painted myself.

I wanted to create a distinct connection between the art and the jewelry. For my first portrait, with great reluctance, I crushed 15 carats of black diamonds to create diamond dust that I sprinkled into the paint. The result was magnificent. Since then, I have been able to find a source of diamond, sapphire, ruby and granite dust that I infuse into each portrait to give it an added touch of inspiration and connection: much like our inspiration and connection to Angels themselves.

One of the many things I love about my life’s calling is creating something beautiful out of the inspirations around me. I have a myriad of inspirations from my mother to my husband and daughter to friends, life, nature, and Gustav Klimt (my favorite artist.) I feel blessed to be able to translate that inspiration into wearable art that my customers can enjoy and treasure for a lifetime.

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