Experience Midtown: Greenville SC’s Up-and-Coming District

The Best Neighborhoods in Greenville SC: Spotlight Midtown

Directly to the east of Greenville SC’s historic downtown lies Midtown Greenville, a district quickly becoming acclaimed for its food scene, shopping, and the growing number of local artisans who have planted roots here in recent years. Among the neighborhoods in Greenville, SC, Midtown GVL offers some of the best opportunities for growth. As more and more businesses set up shop in Midtown, many native Greenvillians predict that this neighborhood will become the city’s newest hotspot.

Midtown has attracted residents and tourists alike for decades. For years, visitors of the upstate have been drawn to the Pettigru Historic District, smack dab in the center of Midtown. The 88 residential homes in Pettigru summon the history of the city. With its variety of architectural styles—from Queen Anne to Colonial Revival—the homes in this neighborhood transport visitors back to the turn of the twentieth century when the former estates of James Boyce and the Rowley family began to undergo the transformation we see today. 

Other attractions, such as the Greenville Zoo and the Rock Quarry Garden, have solidified Midtown’s allure for families and nature lover’s alike. However, over the past several years, Midtown—with the Reedy River as its southern boundary and Laurens Road to the west—has emerged as one of the hippest neighborhoods in Greenville SC.

The Best Restaurants in Greenville SC: Midtown.

Midtown currently comes in a close second to Greenville SC’s historic downtown when it comes to claiming the mantle for the best restaurants in Greenville. The culinary concoctions in Midtown include long-established favorites such as Willy Taco Feed and Seed, where foodies congregate for Willy’s distinct brand of Tex-Mex fusion. 

The thing that makes the restaurants in Greenville SC’s Midtown so appealing is that they offer plenty of choice for the gourmet. While restaurants such as Rocky’s Hot Chicken Shack pay homage to “Nashville BBQ” and southern soul food, other establishments, such as Northampton Wine + Dine treat their clientele to an ever-changing selection of their 1,500+ wines. 

Fine dining and wine bars; southern soul and BBQ; Tex-Mex and other regional cuisines. Midtown has it all!

The spirit of Midtown’s restaurant scene is captured by Home Team BBQ, which gives restaurant-goers the best of both worlds. With its wall murals of Southern rock & roll legends and booths outfitted with reclaimed wood from barns in Athens, Georgia, Home Team aims to provide its patrons a “white tablecloth” experience combined with the slow, easy style of authentic Southern BBQ.  

As the restaurants in Midtown Greenville continue to expand and grow, so will the neighborhood.

Boutiques in Greenville SC: Midtown Shopping

Midtown is more than a hub of good eats, pristine parks, and attractions: it is also one of the best neighborhoods in Greenville SC to go shopping.

Whether you enjoy exercise or motorsports, you’re in the right place when you visit Midtown: from locally owned shops such as Run-In, which offers the latest and best in running shoes, apparel, and training equipment, to Upstate Cycle, with its wide variety of motorcycles, ATVs and scooters, there’s something for shoppers of every stripe.

With clothing stores such as Half-Moon Outfitters already well established in Midtown, recent years have heralded the arrival of several artisanal boutiques to the neighborhood. 

These artisans offer a nice complement to a district that already featured a number of hair salons for both men and women, day spas, and even a photography studio for your pets.

Shopping in Midtown offers an experience unlike any other—where else in Greenville could you purchase both a motorcycle and a piece of handcrafted jewelry for the special woman in your life, all while your beloved pup gets a glam shot?

Yeah, That Midtown

Greenville and the South Carolina upstate has experienced a population boom in recent years. As our city  has grown, so have our neighborhoods. We’re a long way from a sleepy Southern town these days, and as our downtown has expanded, so have other neighborhoods.  Midtown Greenville’s growth has been a thing to behold, as it’s  become a place where Greenvillians come to eat, shop, play, and be merry.

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