Father’s Day Jewelry Made from Meteorite

This year at llyn strong, we’ve designed some truly unique pieces with men in mind. And now that Father’s Day is coming up, it seems like the perfect time to give some attention to our meteorite line. These pieces are all made from the same meteorite and include shirt studs, cufflinks, and brooches with a refined, masculine edge.

Beyond the designs, this material is something very special. All the jewelry from this line is made of material from the Swedish meteor Muonionalusta, which impacted around 1 million BCE, making it the oldest known meteorite on earth. It shattered in our atmosphere, scattering fragments around the Muonio River and farther north into the arctic circle. The meteorite is thought to be the core or mantle of a small planetoid and is made up of nickel, geranium, iridium, and a rare form of pressurized quartz called stishovite. Much of the meteorite is still undiscovered, some of it is on display in museums across Europe, and some of it is sold as jewelry because due to its beautiful mineral formations.

Our jewelry highlights the unusual pattern of Muonionalusta, subtle intersecting geometry and strong straight lines. These pieces are the perfect quiet highlight to a formal look, an accent to set off a suit and tie. Shopping for Father’s Day can be a tricky endeavor, especially if you’re looking to branch out from the classic tie or watch options, but our meteorite line is sure to surprise and impress. Stop in our store on main street to see these pieces in person.

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