Garnet is another gemstone that comes in a variety of colors and subgroups, although it is usually thought of as red.  This is also January’s birthstone!  The name “Garnet” comes from the Latin word for “grain” because of its round kernel-like crystals similar to those of pomegranates.

Pyope Garnets are red/brown.  This was the fashion stone of the 18-19th centuries.  Rhodolite Garnets are a good example of these.

Almandites are red/purple.  These are often found in Brazil and China.

Spessartites are orange/red/brown.  The best of these are from Namibia.

Grossularite (Grossular) Garnets are green.  These are the green beads pictured below, which happen to be my favorite in the store (the pendant/clasp is an Opal)!  These include Tsavorite Garnets and were discovered in Kenya and Tanzania in the 1970’s.

Adralites are black/brown and include the most valuable, Dematoid Garnets, which have a “diamond-like luster.”

Lastly, Uvarovites are emerald green and are found in Finland and Russia.

Obviously, Garnets come in a range of colors and styles, and we would be happy to show you our examples whenever you get a chance to stop by!

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