Fall 2020 "Actual" Gemstone Roundtable
Virtual Gemstone Roundtable

Fall 2020 “Actual” Gemstone Roundtable

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Graduate Gemologist and Doc of Rocks, Sydney Strong, and award-winning jewelry designer, llyn strong, invite you to the Gemstone Roundtable, an exclusive event unlike any other.

Held at llyn strong fine art jewelry in Greenville, SC, the Gemstone Roundtable is an exclusive event that showcases some of the most exquisitely colored loose gemstones in a relaxing, clean, and safe atmosphere. Over the course of this three-hour, sit-down event, you’ll personally handle a variety of the highest quality and most unusual colored gemstones—including some you’ve never heard of—as well as lustrous pearls, colored diamonds and fossilized material suitable for jewelry. Sydney and llyn are happy to oblige if you have questions about a gemstone or how it might be set as a piece of fine jewelry.

Admission to this enjoyable—and educational—event is free. Dinner and drinks are complimentary. Seating is limited to 16 people. Reservations are required.

Saturday Brunch, August 29th, 1:30-4:30 pm

Sunday Brunch, August 30th, 1:30-4:30 pm

Monday Dinner, August 31st, 6:30-9:30 pm

Tuesday Dinner, September 1st, 6:30-9:30pm

Call us at 864.233.5900 or email us at info@llynstrong.com with any questions or to request a private viewing.

Fall 2020 Gemstone Roundtable

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Virtual Gemstone Roundtable

We have taken a short video of each gemstone where our Doc of Rocks, Sydney Strong, gives fun facts and information. Each stone is numbered, so if there is a beauty that speaks to you please contact us for more details, images, scale/size of stone.

864.233.5900          info@llynstrong.com

Please Note: Though we have done our best to capture the beauty of each gemstone, nothing compares to viewing a stone in person.

Loose Gemstones #1 – #30


Apricot Topaz

8.58mm x 8.48mm


2.68 Carats

Natural Brazil




11.62mm x 9.81mm


4.05 Carats

Untreated Madagascar



Red/Black Quartz

Marquise (Pair)

28.09 Carats

Untreated Brazil



Black Druzy Quartz

33.27mm x 37.28mm





Red Spinel


3.43 Carats




Australian Lightning Ridge Black Opal


6.23 Carats

Untreated Australia



Lotus Garnet


3.86 Carats

Untreated Tanzania


#8 *NEW*

Tanzanite Green Purple

10.4mm x 10.4mm


5.01 Carats

Untreated Rare Tanzania



Peach Druzy Quartz

48.70mm x 51.63mm







2.65 Carats




Golden Bronze Fresh Water Pearls

11.9mm (Pair)


Cultured Yangtze



Sapphire Violet

8.81mm x 6.90mm x 4.67mm


2.83 Carats

Untreated Sri Lanka



Yellow Beryl

14.28mm x 11.79mm


10.23 Carats

Natural Nigeria



Australian Lightning Ridge Black Opal

22.5mm x 17.5mm


13.34 Carats

Untreated Australia



Tsavorite Garnet

7.89mm x 5.51mm


1.17 Carats

Natural Kenya



Australian Lightning Ridge Black Opal

23mm x 15mm


12.00 Carats

Untreated Australia



Tourmaline Blue/Green/Multi

13.67mm x 13.61mm


9.9 Carats

Untreated Brazil



Green Tourmaline

8.79mm x 7.52mm


2.35 Carats

Heated Brazil



Gem Chrysocola Blue

24mm x 16.6mm

Oval Cabochon

22.2 Carats




Yellow Zircon

11.03mm x 8.9mm

Fancy Cushion

6.33 Carats

Heated Cambodia



Sapphire Sage

8.21mm x 6.24mm


2.25 Carats

Heated Madagascar



Peach Druzy Quartz

47.58mm x 44.01mm





Hand Carved and Painted Rock Crystal with Mother of Pearl

20mm x 15.6mm x 3mm (Pair)

Erwin Pauley 

29.65 Carats



Hand Carved and Painted Rock Crystal with Mother Of Pearl

40mm x 30.6mm x 7mm

Erwin Pauley

55.34 Carats



Ruby Red

8.22mm x 5.57mm x 4.23mm


1.15 Carats

Heated Burma



Australian Lightning Ridge Black Opal

18.9mm x 7.8mm (Pair)


6.57 Carats

Untreated Australia


Ruby Red

8mm x 6.8mm


1.71 Carats




Tanzanite Purple

15.8mm x 14mm

Oval Cabochon

15.58 Carats

Heated Tanzania




8mm (Pair)


4.78 Carats




Morganite Pink

11.85mm x 7mm


2.13 Carats

Heated Unknown



All of the gems above are available for sale. The price listed does not include tax, shipping or creating a custom piece of jewelry. Call 864.233.5900 for more information or to schedule a virtual or in-store private appointment.



If you choose to purchase a stone and have a custom piece made this is an example of the next step in the process. To learn more about the custom process click here.