• Opal

    In honor of it almost being llyn’s birthday month, I want to tell you about October’s birthstone, opal. “Opal” comes from the Sankrit word for “stone.”  It has a hardness of about 6.  The finest opals come from Lightning Ridge Australia, although they are found all over the world, including Peru, Mexico, Ethiopia, and our […]

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  • Tourmaline

    Tourmaline is another gemstone that comes in many colors.  A pink one is an alternative birthstone for October. It is actually very rare to have a uni-colored one, and its name comes from "Turamali," which means "stone with mixed colors." Tourmaline's most desired colors are intense pink and green. Varieties include rubellite (pink to red), schorl (black, often [...] Continue Reading
  • Sapphire

    Today, I want to tell you more about Sapphire, which is in the Corundum family.  Most commonly thought of as blue, sapphire actually comes in a variety of colors.  What we know of as a Ruby is a red Sapphire.  A pinkish orange one is a Padparadscha Sapphire, which means "Lotus Flower."  Red is caused by [...] Continue Reading
  • Alexandrite

    Hello to All! To begin our Gemstone Roundtable count-down, I want to give you some interesting facts about Alexandrite. This gem was only discovered in the 1830's in the Urals.  Although today, it is mined primarily in Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. The largest cut Alexandrite weighs 66 ct. and is located in the Smithsonian Institution. [...] Continue Reading
  • Amazing Stones in Tucson

    Working in Tucson is like being in a very expensive candy store. Here are some images of some of the “candy” in the tower case at James Alger’s booth (#317) at the AGTA Show and of Pat Alger showing exquisite sapphires. http://www.agta.org/tradeshows/gemfair-tucson.html Continue Reading
  • Art Palm Beach

    Sydney and I are at Art Palm Beach in West Palm Beach Florida! It is beautiful, 78 degrees and sunny with amazing works of art, jewelry and sculpture by hundreds of artists being represented by over 50 national and international galleries. My work is being represented by Oliver & Espig Gallery out of Santa Barbara, […]

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  • Every Angel Has a Story

    Angels mean different things to different people but bring inspiration to all of us. Each “Angel” within my collection is individually named; the first being Alice, after my mother and inspiration for this collection. Pendants and brooches with detachable wings that can be worn as earrings, each Angel is accompanied by an original “Angel” portrait [...] Continue Reading