“Heart of Gold” Customer Giveaway

We’re celebrating our customers with a huge giveaway!

“Heart of Gold” is a necklace from llyn strong’s Unbreakable Heart collection. Made of sterling silver, rusted iron from Greenville, SC, 18k yellow gold, and a 9.7mm South Sea golden pearl on a brown stainless steel chain. Valued at $2,000.

Our customers are all amazingly unique, but you share one thing in common: you’re strong. “Strong personality” is a term llyn coined to describe individuals who forge their own path in life.

You continually encourage and inspire us with your “strong personalities,” so we’re celebrating you this month! A llyn strong original necklace from the Unbreakable Heart Collection, “Heart of Gold,” will be awarded to a lucky winner on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.

How to Enter

To win this one of a kind “Heart of Gold,” valued at $2,000, show us your #StrongPersonality:

  1. Follow @llynstrong on Instagram or @llynstrongfinejewelry on Facebook.
  2. Post a picture of yourself wearing your llyn strong jewelry (custom or original) between February 1st and midnight on February 12th. (Jewelry must be clearly visible.)
  3. In the caption, describe what the piece(s) mean to you, personally.
  4. Use the hashtag #strongpersonality and tag @llynstrong on Instagram or @llynstrongfinejewelry on Facebook.

Contestants who follow these guidelines on either Facebook or Instagram will be entered into a pool. We’ll randomly select and announce the winner on Valentine’s Day, February 14th, 2019!

Have a question? Email us or call 864-233-5900.

About the Unbreakable Heart Collection

llyn strong began creating Unbreakable Heart pendants during a time of intense heartbreak in her own life. They represent strength and resilience that endures through the trials of an aching heart. llyn finds a heart in each piece of rusted iron she collects around Greenville, SC. Then, she creates a one-of-a-kind design around the iron heart, using precious metals and gemstones. Each piece is named and hand signed.

Thank You

Contest entries will help spread the word about llyn strong’s artistry—and her uncanny ability to conceive the perfect custom piece.

P.S. Have you signed up for the Spring 2019 Gemstone Roundtable? Reserve your seat and enjoy a fully catered meal—with gemstones as the main course!


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