Hi everyone!

We are currently in Tucson, Arizona for the world’s largest gem and mineral show.  By that, I mean that there are around 40 shows taking place at the same time.  Each show has between maybe 30 and hundreds of vendors/ booths.  I have seen crazy fossils, including coral, palm wood, bugs, fish, shrimp, alligator heads, teeth, shells and so much more.  After being here, walking into a room to see a fully assembled dinosaur is commonplace!

On top of fossils, I can’t even begin to describe how many gemstones I have seen.  They range from a few dollars to millions.  We have purchased some incredible gemstone strands to make llyn’s work out of, including a new Tanzanite one.

I walked through huge tents filled with thousands of pearls and hotel rooms filled with geodes larger than me.

There are petrified wood slices, string ray skin jewelry, meteorites, tourmalines, sapphires, turquoise and so so so much more!

This is an incredible experience, and we are so thankful to llyn for bringing us on such an amazing trip, giving us such a cool experience and letting us pick out purchases for the gallery.  It has been great! Here are a bunch of pictures, and of course, there will be more to come!

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