How to Transform Heirloom Jewelry Pieces

Let’s talk about what’s inside your jewelry case—or perhaps it’s a series of boxes… or a drawer… or a piece of furniture. It may hold heirloom jewelry, treasured gifts, one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces for special occasions, and pieces for casual wear. Do you want to combine pieces, but are worried the result would look like parts and not a stylish look? Do you have rings or earrings that have not been out of their boxes in years, and you’re wondering if you can make a new ring out of an old one? Perhaps you’ve inherited precious jewelry whose design is now out-of-date with your fashion sense and you’re curious what you can do with old family jewelry?

Heirloom diamond ring in velvet casing
Before: Inherited Heirloom Diamond Ring
Custom diamond wedding ring in Greenville, SC on dark gray table
After: Resdesigned Engagement Ring

If you’ve answered “yes” to any of these questions, it may be the right time to consider repurposing your jewelry into a custom design incorporating your existing stones. At llyn strong custom jewelry, our team gives your jewelry a new purpose with a customized design. Unlike most jewelry stores, which offer only commercially made settings from which to choose, llyn strong and her team are dedicated to transforming your current jewelry into unique, custom jewelry pieces that speak to you. 

The process is easy. Just bring in the piece you’d like to have refashioned. As you talk with llyn about ideas for a new style—or maybe a fresh take on a traditional design—llyn will discuss options for the types of jewelry best suited to the stone or stones you provide, the size, and metal preference (rose, yellow, or white gold or sterling silver). If needed, our Graduate Gemologist, Sydney Strong, will source high quality diamonds and colored gemstones to enhance the custom design. If the original setting is gold, you will receive store credit for the value of that gold based on the current price.

At this initial consultation, llyn will provide you with sketches for your consideration as well as an estimate for the work. She will also explain the remaining steps in the custom jewelry design process, which takes from 5 to 12 weeks, depending on the intricacy of the piece.

Are you ready to transform that old heirloom into an heirloom for the future or a jewelry “orphan” into a custom piece of forever jewelry? Contact llyn strong about custom jewelry at the shop on Main Street in downtown Greenville, SC to make a virtual or in-person appointment. 


Here’s what to expect when updating old jewelry:

  • Repurposing your old jewelry into a brand new custom design can incorporate your existing stones and provide a beautiful refashioned piece that’s more suited to your tastes.
  • The first step to make old jewelry into new is to schedule a custom appointment.
  • Our team will provide options for the types of jewelry best suited to the stone or stones you provide.
  • Our Graduate Gemologist can source high quality diamonds and colored gemstones to enhance the custom design.
  • Wondering how much it costs to redesign jewelry? After the initial consultation, you’ll be provided with sketches and an quote of the cost to create your jewelry before you make a deposit.
  • Your new piece of custom heirloom jewelry will be finished within 5-12 weeks, depending on the intricacy of the piece.
  •  An appraisal from our Graduate Gemologist, Sydney Strong, is included with all custom jewelry over $1000

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