Introducing the Iconic Greenville Sphere Pendant or Clasp

Six Icons of Greenville, South Carolina: Introducing the Iconic Greenville Sphere Crafted By llyn strong

As a Greenville artist, born and raised, llyn strong wanted to capture her city in a singular piece of wearable art. The Greenville Sphere, a pendant or modullyn clasp available in two sizes–15mm or 25mm, represents the unique character of her hometown in both its natural and manmade beauty. The materials offered are sterling silver, oxidized sterling silver and 18k yellow, white or rose gold.

Greenville Sphere Pendants: a 15mm silver on an oxidized silver chain, an oxidized silver on a silver chain, a 15mm 18k yellow gold on a gold chain, a 25mm oxidized silver on an oxidized silver chain, and a 25mm 18k yellow gold on an oxidized silver chain.
Greenville Sphere modullyn Clasps: a 15mm sterling silver on a modullyn moonstone necklace, a 25mm oxidized silver on a modullyn lapis necklace, and a 25mm 18k yellow gold on a golden pearl necklace.

The Greenville Sphere contains six distinct icons, each delineating a constitutive feature of our beautiful upstate South Carolina city, wed perfectly in one striking and elegant piece.

The Greenville “g”

With a river sinuously twisting out of a circle, the Greenville “g” embodies the natural terrain of its namesake.

Beginning in northern Greenville County, near Travelers Rest, the Reedy River winds through the heart of downtown Greenville, flowing down into waterfalls in Falls Park on the Reedy, a popular attraction where you’ll find residents of Greenville basking in the sun on many a weekend.

The Greenville “g” in an 18k yellow gold Greenville Sphere modullyn clasp.

The Liberty Bridge

The aforementioned Falls Park on the Reedy is perhaps best known for The Liberty Bridge, which was constructed in 2004.

The Liberty Bridge is located slightly downstream from a cluster of waterfalls in the Reedy River. With its curved clear span, the lookout from the bridge provides visitors with an aerial view of the cascading waters.

Supported by twin inclined towers and a single suspension cable, The Liberty Bridge offers an unobstructed view of this natural oasis in the heart of downtown Greenville, and has the distinct appearance of magically floating in the air.

The Liberty Bridge in an 18k yellow gold Greenville Sphere modullyn clasp.

The Peace Angel

In the lobby of the Peace Center, Greenville’s largest performing arts center, with a concert hall, theater, and amphitheater, the peace angel titled Arabella takes flight.

This graceful 13-foot sculpture, which glows from 1000 LED flights, rotates above theatre and concert goers heads as they make their way to the 300+ shows a year at the Peace Center.

llyn has a special interest in the Arabella Peace Angel because she was familiar with the stunning work of its artist, Michael Gard, of San Francisco for years before he was commissioned to complete this amazing sculpture constructed from wire, in 2014.

The Peace Angel in an 18k yellow gold Greenville Sphere modullyn clasp.

The Poinsettia

The poinsettia shrub, with its flaming red leaves, has become synonymous with the holiday season. Although it now grows in the warmer climates of the United States, the poinsettia is, in fact, not a plant indigneous to America.

Immortalized in a statue by Zan Wells in Greenville’s downtown, Joel Roberts Poinsett, the South Carolina congressman and first U.S. Minister to Mexico, is credited with bringing the plant from Mexico and Latin America to the United States.

On one of his sojourns to Mexico, Mr. Poinsett, awestruck by the radiant color of this shrub, brought it home to plant at his Charleston estate.

A poinsettia in an 18k yellow gold Greenville Sphere modullyn clasp.

Midtown Greenville Logo

Adjacent to Greenville’s downtown district, you’ll find Greenville Midtown. In an area known for its shopping, craft breweries, and farm-to-table restaurants, Midtown Greenville is a testament to our city’s tremendous growth over the past decades and its limitless future. Be sure to drop by llyn strong’s new location at 1322 E. Washington Street, STE C1 in the heart of Midtown.

The Midtown Greenville logo in an 18k yellow gold Greenville Sphere modullyn clasp.

The Butterflies

Local Greenville sculptor Yuri Tsuzuki has been breathing artistic life into discarded scrap metal for years. Her Butterfly Project, which began as a 3-D installation in 2015, was originally intended to mark Greenville’s remarkable transformation as a city.

In recent years, however, her metallic butterflies have also served as a symbol of hope for cancer survivors in the Upstate.

One of Tsuzuki’s butterfly sculptures adorns the façade over the front door of our new location on East Washington Street.

Butterlies by Yuri Tsuzuki on the facade of llyn strong fine art jewelry

Each element in the Greenville Sphere was chosen with intention; each element represents a point of pride in our city. As artists executing miniature sculptures in silver and gold, we wish for this piece to celebrate Greenville in all its abundance.

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