If you are like me, it is probably time to get your jewelry appraised or re-appraised!

You want your jewelry appraised for insurance.

You also want to reappraise your jewelry every 3 years.  If it is lost or stolen, you want to be sure that you are given today’s value to replace it.

If your jewelry is from llyn strong, we will appraise and reappraise it for free.  Just bring it in, and Sydney will take care of it.

If it is not from llyn, we can still appraise it for you.  Appraisals are $125 for the first piece, and $75 for each additional piece brought in at the same time.

Taking the time to get your jewelry appraised is very worth the time! Please call if you have any questions, otherwise, just bring it in!  You will need to leave the jewelry with us, but it will be returned as quickly as possible.

Below, Sydney is shown working on an appraisal.

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