5 Reasons Why Fine Art Jewelry is a Great Gift for Your Valentine

There seem to be many myths and/or truths as to why we celebrate love on February 14th. The most common one is that it is the day that a priest named Valentine defied Emperor Claudius II’s ban on marriage and illegally married couples in the spirit of love. He was sentenced to death on February 14th and dubbed St. Valentine, the “Patron Saint of Love.”

As design enthusiasts at llyn strong fine art jewelry in Greenville, SC, we embrace the emoji that dominates all emojis on February 14th plus EVERY day of the year: the “Heart.”  Some believe that it was derived from the shape of the seeds of a silphium plant, while others believe that it resembles the shape of a bird’s heart. The poem, “Le Roman De La Poire” by Thibaut, written circa 1255, was accompanied by a drawing showing that a person in love can give his or her heart to someone, the way the lover in the poem gives away a fruit.

So why should you give jewelry (whether heart-shaped or not) away to someone on Valentine’s Day? Here are 5 reasons that fine art jewelry is the perfect gift to show your LOVE!

1. It’s Personal

Jewelry is a very personal gift. It can create an emotional connection between two people and is an outward symbol of their love. At llyn strong fine art jewelry, we can help tell your story through a customized one-of-a-kind ring, pendant necklace, bracelet, or earrings.

2 It’s Lasting

Unlike chocolate, candy, or flowers, your customized piece of fine art jewelry can be cherished and loved for many years to come. Many pieces become heirlooms passed down to the next generation.

3. It’s Valuable

At llyn strong fine art jewelry, we will help you create a symbol of love that retains its value using the highest quality materials and craftmanship. We use high carat Harmony recycled golds, silver, and platinum, plus high quality rare-colored stones and diamonds. An appraisal is also written and provided by our Graduate Gemologist and owner, Sydney Strong, lovingly known as “The Doc of Rocks.”

4 It’s Unbreakable

Although jewelry can be broken, we stand behind our work and craftsmanship. For approximately the past 25 years, we have been creating one-of-a-kind “Unbreakable” hearts to honor Valentine’s Day and love. These heart-shaped pendants are created from stabilized rusted iron, 18K gold and silver and sometimes incorporate gemstones. Each one is named and is a very special wearable symbol of love. The first “Unbreakable Heart” created this year is titled “The Heart of the Dragon” to commemorate 2024’s Year of the Dragon.

5. No Calories

Our favorite part about jewelry as a gift for February 14th is that there are absolutely no calories! We guarantee it!

Ready to Make Your Valentine Smile?

We’d love to help you find the perfect Valentine’s gift right here at llyn strong fine art jewelry in Greenville, SC. Contact us for any specific requests, or browse our website for all the heart-shaped, red, or pink jewelry your significant other could possibly desire!

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