Jewelry in the Greek Tradition

Have you wondered how the Classical World thought of jewelry and why it is such a significant gift?

I have a little insight for you on how Greeks thought of jewelry from Dyfri Williams and Jack Ogden’s book, Greek Gold:  Jewelry of the Classical World. 

We mostly hear about gold from the Classical World, although bronze and silver were actually more prevalent. This is mostly because of their cost.

Greeks wore jewelry for many of the same reasons that we still wear it today.

Sometimes, it was worn to enhance the beauty of the wearer, while revealing their status and wealth.

Even then, jewelry was the primary gift given at births, birthdays and weddings.  This was and is important because jewelry gains significance based on who it was from and who wears it now.  It takes on a story and history of its own.

Jewelry has also been given religious significance and used as amulets.

Below is an image of one of llyn’s Angels.  I am including this piece because her angels have become very meaningful and significant to their owners.  It is a good example of how jewelry can represent someone and mean so much.

With Christmas coming up, keep jewelry in mind for gifts! It is a very meaningful tradition that inevitably is cherished and remembered.


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