Kate learns Intermediate Matrix

Kate Worthen (Lil’ Kate), llyn’s assistant goldsmith, traveled to Illinois last week to complete her Intermediate Matrix training in order to create 3D computer renderings, which llyn casts into metal designs!

Last Spring, Kate began her Matrix training in order to help llyn create her designs.  Now, she is capable of helping make more advanced renders and wax prints.

During the week long class, Kate completed the Intermediate training as well as learned the new things about updated Matrix 7.5.

She learned a more organic way of modeling, which creates softer edges.  This is called T Splines.  Here is an image of what she worked on…

She practiced history enabled commands and built irregular bezels.  llyn’s designs mostly require irregular bezels because of the wide variety and unique qualities of the gems she works with.

Kate learned how to create the prongs for pave settings and to customize renders with customer stone photos (for custom pieces).

She also now knows shortcuts and smartflow, which is a way to create details on rounded surfaces like ring bands.

Here is an example of a fun project she used to practice these techniques.  This is a signet ring dedicated to her cat (yes, kind of weird, I know… haha).

All in all, Kate had a wonderful work week of learning.  She met jewelers from around the country.  She also said that it gave her a chance to compare llyn’s designs to those of many other jewelers.  It showed her how unique llyn’s work really is.  It gave her a renewed appreciation for it and an added excitement to have a part in llyn’s creations.

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