How to Design the Perfect Engagement Ring: Lifestyle and Wedding Bands (Part 5 of 6)

When thinking about detail in an engagement ring consider the style of the wearer. Is their style more vintage (small and intricate detail, hand engraving, milgrain or beaded edges), modern (clean edges, more architectural and geometric), or funky (bold pattern and colors)? Also consider their lifestyle and activity level. Nurses and other professionals who wear latex gloves may have a hard time with designs that have lots of stones or large decorative elements that extend from the shank. While we always recommend removing rings during weight lifting, gardening, and other hands on activities we realize that doesn’t necessarily happen so considering the wearer’s activity level is important. If they are hard on jewelry or work with their hands having small stones around the back of the shank can be problematic as they will loosen or even chip and break faster than normal.

Vintage engagement ring design
Modern engagement ring design
Funky custom engagement ring

Another stylistic choice to consider is how the wedding band will be worn with the engagement ring. If the center stone on the engagement ring is sitting as low as possible, and the mounting extends beyond the edges of the shank, then the band must contour (or follow the edge of the engagement ring as it changes shape) to fit it. Contour bands typically are straight along the back and have a “C” shape at the top where it wraps around the head of the engagement ring. This type of band is made to fit exactly around the engagement ring and is not worn on its own. If the intention is to eventually solder the wedding set together, then contour bands can be a great option to help keep a nice low profile. However, many women for one reason or another choose to wear just their wedding band without the engagement ring occasionally. Because of the shape, contour bands can look a little strange when worn without the ring they are designed to fit, so a straight or flat band can be a good option depending on the wearer’s preferences. In order to accommodate a straight wedding band the head of the engagement ring must sit on top of the shank (as opposed to down as low as possible) so that the band can slide under the center stone and sit flush with the shank.

Diamond and sapphire wedding ring

The band can also be wider so that it extends to or past the edges of the center stone to create a flat edge. The benefits to having a straight wedding band are that it can be worn separately, it can be stacked with other bands, and if it spins on the finger there is no real ‘top’. Apart from the shape of the band there are other design options to consider. Eternity bands are one popular example, where stones wrap all the way around the band. This style is nice because it adds a lot of sparkle to the wedding set and it doesn’t matter if it spins on the finger since the stones go all the way around. This style can be more difficult to adjust the size down the road but it is possible. Bands can also have pattern or texture to add visual interest and tie the design back to elements in the engagement ring to create a cohesive set. Most couples work together to design the bands so you can consult your partner on their preferences, but determining if they would prefer a straight or contoured band is helpful when designing the engagement ring.

Custom wedding and engagement rings

Many people have little to no experience with jewelry when starting this journey, so don’t feel intimidated. The best way to get started is to contact us and set up a consultation. At the consultation we will go over these points with you to get an overall idea of the design and your budget. Next, we order in stones for you to select from, finish the design and figure the final quote, and take the deposit. Then we produce the CAD renderings for your approval, print the wax, and make the metal casting for you to come see and approve in person. Finally, we set the stones and finish the ring. The process is fluid and there are chances to make changes and adjustments along the way. Whenever you are ready to begin, the team at llyn strong fine art jewelry are here to help.

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