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Hello! Many of you bought stones at our Gemstone Roundtable, and many others of you are interested in having custom work designed in the future.  In case you are one of these, I want to tell you a little about llyn’s custom design process.

Custom jewelry is a way to create personal jewelry, which represents you.  It can have symbols, stones, metals or just about whatever else you like.  If you have a stone or a color in mind, we can help you find it.  We also have ample image examples here in the gallery to show you.  Call 864-233-5900 to make an appointment with llyn!

I am going to walk you through llyn’s process using a very unique stone as my example.

Here is the stone, which is a druzy carved by Steve Walters.

This customer chose this stone from a Gemstone Roundtable and decided to have it made into a pendant.  After talking with this customer, llyn drew preliminary sketches of what it would look like as a pendant.  Together, they designed functional jewelry that still represented the customer’s personality. llyn also came up with a price quote that fit within the customer’s budget.  The minimum for custom jewelry designs is $1000.

From here, llyn created a CAD rendering of the design with exact dimensions of the stones and metal.  With this, the customer is really able to get a sense of what the finished piece will look like.  As you can see below, the image is slightly more mechanical than the finished piece will actually be.

The next step is when we print the image three-dimensionally in wax.  Here, the customer can actually see a replica of what the metal will look like once cast.

After casting the metal, fabricating the pieces together and around the druzy and setting the additional diamonds, the pendant is complete!

If you have any questions about our process or are interested in having your own custom piece made, please call us (864-233-5900)!  Custom pieces usually require 6-12 weeks depending on the complexity, so arrange soon to get started on custom Christmas gifts!

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