Modullyn™ Modular Jewelry

The finest materials meet mix-and-match flexibility


The modullyn™ (mod-u-lin) jewelry system lets you curate distinctive, customized collection of modular earrings and necklaces. llyn’s exclusive selection of interchangeable components gives you the chance to expand your style options. You can easily shift from everyday casual to evening elegance using the same piece.


Lapis Lazuli Necklace_ modular jewelry_ llyn strong fine art jewelry_ Greenville_ SC
Pearl and Lapis Necklace_ Carved tahitian pearl clasp_ lapis necklace_ modular jewelry_llyn strong
Pearl and Lapis Necklace_ Wavy Fish Pearl clasp_ Lapis Necklace_ modular Jewelry_ Jewelry store

Using a patented clasp system, modullyn™ necklaces feature interchangeable components to expand your style options. Feel comfortably beautiful in a simple strand of pearls or gemstones, then add a clasp-pendant to create a radiant statement piece.

Interchangeable clasp-pendants easily twist and lock onto necklaces for ultimate versatility and style. With the modullyn™ modular jewelry system, your forever jewelry feels new every day. 



Blue Diamond Swoop Hoops_ Modular Jewelry_ Rose gold_ blue diamonds_ llyn strong
Blue diamond earrings, modular earrings, swoop hoops, sparkle circles, llyn strong
Opal gemstone earrings_ modular earring jackets_ hoops_ modular jewelry_ llyn strong

Modullyn™ earrings integrate the principles of engineering with the beauty of fine jewelry. You can mix and match hoops, jackets, and studs to fashion stunning new combinations.

Each modullyn™ piece provides another dimension of creativity and self-expression to your wardrobe.