New! "VitaJuwel" is now being represented here!

“VitaJuwel:  Water in its most precious form”

While is Tucson, llyn came across this great new product.  This elegant, hand-crafted product uses gemstones to bring tap water back to its purest form.  This practice dates back to ancient Greek and medieval times.

Every gemstone is known in nature to have beneficial qualities due to their ability to store energy.

“VitaJuwel” has been tested and confirmed by German scientists to bring tap water back to its purest form.

For wine, “VitaJuwel,” softens acids and creates a smoother taste.

Anyway, llyn chose several gemstone combinations to bring back to Greenville and sell from llyn strong fine art jewelry.  We have 2 sizes of “VitaJuwel,” which are the larger and a smaller travel size.

Come by the store to learn more about the specific combinations we chose, which are wellness, fitness, five elements, vitality, beauty, allure and diamonds.  Each “wand” contains the actual gemstones, and each gemstone combination is meant to promote a different beneficial result.

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