one of llyn’s favorite things… NASCAR!

llyn and her husband love car racing.  Get llyn talking about it, and her face lights up! That is why I wanted to share with you about who came into our store yesterday!…

Yesterday, we had a young, nice man and his mom come into the gallery.  As llyn was talking with them, we realized that he was a race car driver! He actually was one of the fastest cars on the track at Bristol last weekend! Here is where you can find info on him:

Anyway, he is racing tonight at the Greenville Pickens Speedway. It is a great time, and I highly recommend you check out one of the upcoming races this summer.  Remember, support your community in any and all ways.  The more we support each other, the more Greenville will prosper! So see you out there and have a safe and fun weekend! (follow this link for the GPS race schedule)

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