Proposal at Gemstone Roundtable

We were lucky enough to host a wedding proposal during one of our spring roundtables this year.

John Breaux and Erinn Pasquale signed up for the roundtable with the aim of finding the perfect stone for an engagement ring but John wound up coming earlier in the week to browse and to get an idea of what llyn strong had to offer.

During the visit, a particular ring caught John’s eye. The ring had just been designed and produced and had been in the case for no more than a week. It featured a pink sapphire, 18 carat white gold and white diamonds. John didn’t need to see the stones at the roundtable; he and his family agreed: it was the perfect ring for Erinn.

“We picked out a ring in twenty minutes. It was one of the easiest things I’ve ever done, which completely surprised me. I figured it would take a long time to find the perfect ring. “John

As Sydney handled the purchase, she had an idea that she shared with John. What if he were to propose at the Gemstone Roundtable and surprise Erinn? The event was formal and there were photographers present so it seemed like a great time and place for a proposal. John needed time to think it over but he called back later that same day, excited, and agreed to propose at the roundtable.

A proposal at llyn strong's Gemstone Roundtable On the night of the Gemstone Roundtable, John, Erinn and Erinn’s mom and sister were seated at one end of the table. As the stones began to come around, Sydney put the ring in gem paper, labeled on the outside like all the others. She handed John the paper and he passed it to Erinn. I made like I was going to the bathroom but instead got down on one knee while she opened the paper. Inside of it Sydney had written ‘Erinn, will you marry me?’. So as she was opening it I asked her the same question. It was pretty hilarious because she just turned to me and said “Stop it! What!?” She started to cry and said yes.”

John’s mom and sister were snuck in through the back and everyone had a glass of champagne and posed for pictures after a round of applause from the other guests at the roundtable. Not only did John and Erinn find the perfect ring at llyn strong but they also decided to use the photographer (Apple Tree Photography) and the caterer (Saffron’s) for the wedding.

We wish John and Erinn the best and we’re very honored they chose llyn strong for their ring and their proposal. Congratulations!

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