Top 4 Reasons to Attend a Gemstone Roundtable

First you ask: What is a Gemstone Roundtable? A Gemstone Roundtable is a brunch or dinner party with gemstones as the main entrée.

For years llyn strong has treated our customers to some of the rarest and most exquisite stones available.

Gemstones of all varieties are brought in by some of the industry’s leading gem dealers in the world.

This memorable and magical buying experience gives you the opportunity to select precious stones suited to your unique personality.

Besides the fabulous food and exciting camaraderie of our guests, here are just a few more reasons to reserve a seat to see, handle and experience rare and quality gemstones.

1. Hold a Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba Tourmalines are amongst the rarest of colored gemstones.

For every 10,000 diamonds mined across the globe, only one single Paraiba tourmaline is extracted from the earth.

They are mined at a mere three locations globally. The first mine, in Paraiba, Brazil, is now all but exhausted. They were first discovered there in 1989.

While a deposit of these gemstones was discovered in Nigeria in 2000, current mining operations are confined to Mozambique.

There have been no new discoveries of this copper-bearing tourmaline discovered anywhere since 2005.

The copper mineral content in the tourmaline gives this beautiful gemstone its vivid turquoise color.

Paraiba has been our own “Doc of Rocks” and owner, Sydney Strong’s favorite gemstone since she was a little girl dubbing it “The Little Mermaid Stone.”

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2. Obsess Over Opals Up Close and Personal

These are earth’s one-of-a-kind paintings. There are no two opals alike.

The very best opals are mined in Australia, and the best opals are considered black opals.

Black opals contain spheres of silica. When light reflects off the different angles of these minute spheres, they radiate a cornucopia of colors and are rich in vibrant colors of every hue. The brighter, the better!

The most common color in black opals is purple, and if they contain flashes of blue, green or even gold, their value increases. Stones with orange and red are the rarest, and their value is significantly higher.

Pattern, body tone, and consistency also play a role in the value of an opal. Crystal opals can also be beautiful. They are mostly beautiful whites with flashes of many colors.

Like many other gemstones, personal preference and taste should always guide you in your selection.

3. Be Mesmerized by our Moonstones

Moonstones are members of the alkali feldspar sequence of minerals consisting of alternating layers of orthoclase and albite feldspar.

They are a dreamy and very sensual gemstone and seem to glow from within and beneath the stone’s surface. The gemological name for this “glow” is adularescence.

While moonstones range in appearance from semi-transparent to opaque and colorless to white, their background colors can vary widely: yellow to brown, gray to almost black, blue to green and even a rainbow of several of these colors.

The best moonstones are typically mined in India.

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4. See Rare Sapphires

The gemstone sapphire has always been associated with blue, but it may surprise you to learn that sapphires come in a full spectrum of colors.

This is because sapphire is one of two gemstone varieties of the mineral corundum, which gets its various colors from different trace elements in its chemical structure.

True red corundum is called ruby, while all other colors of this mineral are called sapphires. Sapphires of the highest quality are mined in Burma, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Madagascar.

Montana also produces beautiful gem-quality sapphires as well. Corundum is the hardest mineral after a diamond which makes it a very well-suited stone for everyday wear such as an engagement ring.

Princess Diana wore and made famous the “Lady Di” ring which was a blue sapphire surrounded by diamonds.

What, When, Where, and How to Attend a Gemstone Roundtable

These are just a few great reasons to attend a Gemstone Roundtable. During the event, you will be able to see, handle, and enjoy examples of the gemstones described above, as well as many, many more. The experience is not only educational but exciting and gives you an opportunity to see, in one place, more gemstones than some people see in a lifetime!

Please join Graduate Gemologist and “Doc of Rocks” Sydney Strong, award-winning jewelry designer llyn strong, and our gemstone dealer for an exclusive and memorable event at llyn strong fine art jewelry at 1322 E. Washington St. in Greenville, SC.

Saturday, April 6th – 1:00-4:00pm
Sunday, April 7th – 1:00-4:00 pm
Monday, April 8th – 6:00-9:00 pm
Tuesday, April 9th – 6:00-9:00 pm

Learn about gemstones and discover what stones suit your “strong” personality. Reserve your seat now by calling 864-233-5900 or emailing

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