llyn and her husband having fun with amethyst.

All I can say is that I’m energized both creatively and spiritually after attending the American Gem Trade Association (AGTA) show in Tucson. While Tucson hosts a variety of gem-mineral-fossil shows from late January through mid-February every year, the AGTA GemFairTM show is for retailers only. There I get to peruse and purchase the highest quality and ethically sourced colored gemstones available in the world.

How cool is this giant geode!! 

Of course, I didn’t confine my activities to the convention center. Some 50 shows were spread out across town—from indoor venues to out in the dirt. So besides selecting exciting gemstones for the store and customer requests, we engaged with dinosaur bones and some of the largest cut geodes you could imagine. 

Fossilized bones are always a favorite!
These ammolites are so pretty!!

With all the craziness that accompanies visiting different locations, meeting new exhibitors, and looking at stones, minerals, and bones, I always need a sanctuary. That’s where my hotel provides the calm I need to reflect on all I’ve seen and to stretch my mind artistically and spiritually. 

Acclaimed musician Larry Redhouse.

The JW Marriott Tucson Starr Pass Resort affords miraculous views of the mountains especially at sunrise and sunset. Acclaimed musician Larry Redhouse is in residence every morning at dawn to help us early risers center ourselves with meditative Native American flute songs. I highly recommend his music whether you’re gearing up or winding down. Visit his website and hear his latest CD The Great Mystery at 

Now on to gemstone purchases. Color, color, color! I purchased a rich green emerald and a beautifully hued ruby for your consideration. A collection of sapphires if that is your passion. Did I say opals? And strings of the most glorious faceted sapphire beads you could imagine. 

I look forward to seeing you at the store to share all of these plus other gemstone finds. Stop in or make an appointment for a closer look.

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