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  • Jewelry Appraisals

    If you are like me, it is probably time to get your jewelry appraised or re-appraised! You want your jewelry appraised for insurance. You also want to reappraise your jewelry every 3 years.  If it is lost or stolen, you want to be sure that you are given today’s value to replace it. If your […]

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  • Cleaning your jewelry

    Today, I want to tell you what we recommend to safely keep your jewelry clean and not broken. We recommend having your jewelry cleaned and stone settings checked every six months.  We can do this for you here.  Just bring in the pieces, and we will check to be sure prongs are not broken and […]

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  • Maintaining your PEARLS…

    Hi everyone! On this beautiful day (llyn’s birthday!), we are going to give you some tips on maintaining your pearls. -Be sure to put your make up and perfume on before you put on your pearls.   Chemicals can be very harmful to pearls over time. -After wearing your pearls, wipe them with a soft, microfiber […]

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