Rose cut versus Brilliant cut Gemstones!

Here at llyn strong fine art jewelry, we specialize in unique, unusual gemstones.  One way to get a unique look is to use a different cut.  Your traditional diamond engagement ring has a brilliant cut diamond.  Although we do plenty of rings with this cut stone, we also specialize in using rose cut gems.  Rose cut stones are actually flat on the bottom.  The top of the stone is faceted.  They can be slightly irregularly shaped and can come is all sorts of colors.  One extra benefit to rose cuts is that the carat weight is more visible in the final design because less of it is hidden underneath the setting.

So whether you want a brilliant or rose cut diamond, we are a great place to get it! We can get diamonds of all sizes and colors overnighted to us for you to see the next day.  That way you are sure to get the perfect jewelry to make your own statement.

Give us a call with questions! 864-233-5900.

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