The Fall 2021 Virtual Gemstone Roundtable

Fall 2021 Virtual Gemstone Roundtable

We have taken a short video of each gemstone where our Doc of Rocks, Sydney Strong, gives fun facts and information. Each stone is numbered, so if there is a beauty that speaks to you please contact us for more details, to make an appointment to see it in person, or to make a purchase. 

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Please Note: Though we have done our best to capture the beauty of each gemstone, nothing compares to viewing a stone in person.

Gemstone Strands #150-155


Diamonds, Chalcedony, Ruby, Fresh Water Pearl, South Sea Pearl.


Diamond Champagne

Bead Strand

Faceted Rondells

28.5 Carats

Untreated Australia




Chalcedony Seafoam

Bead Strand


392 Carats

Untreated Zimbabwe




Ruby Red

Bead Strand

Hexagon Xtal

144 Carats

Untreated John Saul Africa




Pearl Fresh Water Peach

12-13mm Strand


Cultured China Yangtze




Pearl South Sea Black Multi

11-9mm Strand

Round 32″ Strand

Cultured Tahiti




Pearl Fresh Water Purple

9-11mm Strand


Cultured China Yangtze




All of the gems above are available for sale. The price listed does not include tax, shipping or creating a custom piece of jewelry. Call 864.233.5900 for more information or to schedule a virtual or in-store private appointment.



If you choose to purchase a stone and have a custom piece made this is an example of the next step in the process. To learn more about the custom process click here.