The Strong Pair Collection

Representing Two Generations of Jewelry Artisans

Passing the Torch

To mark the passage of ownership of llyn strong fine art jewelry from mother, llyn strong, to her daughter, Sydney Strong, we are proud to announce the Strong Pair Collection.

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Greenville, SC’s premier jewelry store has released a collection jewelry featuring pear-shaped gemstones or diamonds and the word “strong”.


A Generational Legacy

Gemstone Ring_ Wing ring_ Magic_ Custom jewelry_ llyn strong

llyn strong showed her artistic passions early in life. She would find her calling in inspirational jewelry designs that soon became a fixture of the Greenville, SC jewelry scene.

llyn and Sydney Strong

It was far from a foregone conclusion that Sydney Strong would inherit llyn strong fine art jewelry from her mother. Like llyn strong, Sydney showed an early interest in art. As a young girl, she would assist her mother in molding and casting jewelry for the store and took classes at the Fine Arts Center.

After receiving her degree from GIA, and working alongside her Mom for more than a decade, Sydney is ready to carry the torch and build upon her Mother’s legacy in crafting one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces for llyn strong fine art jewelry.

Collection Pieces

“What my Mom has built over the years, the relationships she has nurtured with her customers, and her legacy will forever be a part of Greenville.”

-Sydney Strong

“I’m so proud of Sydney. Her understanding of gemstones and her artistic sensibilities are something truly remarkable to behold.”

-llyn strong

llyn and Sydney in the shop
Town Carolina

Precious Gems

Far below the earth’s surface, minerals, heat, and time swirl together to form brilliant gems. That critical element of time has only enhanced the luster

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