Today is our second and last day of the Fall 2013 Gemstone Roundtable!

Our stone dealer has some gorgeous Tanzanite sitting in our gallery, ready to go to new homes! So, I am going to tell you a little more about it.

Tanzanite is a Zoisite Species.  The mineral Zoisite was first found in Austria in 1805.

Tanzanite is blue or violet.  It has a hardness of 7.

The name “Tanzanite” comes from the country’s name of Tanzania.

This gem was introduced by New York’s Tiffany & Co.

It is heated to get its blue/violet color.  Usually when this gem is found, it has not been naturally heated yet.  The natural heating process is used to bring out its intense blue/violet color from its original yellow/brown tints.

The only deposit of Tanzanite is near Arusha, Tanzania.

We have Tanzanite beads here, both rough and polished, so come enjoy their magic!

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