The Power and Mindfulness of Gift Giving

“The best givers are those who honestly care about the recipient and who thrive on hearing their stories. And they know that in the act of giving, both the giver and the receiver experience true joy.” -Kathy Staples

Each year gives us so many opportunities—both public and private—for gift giving. Gift giving may be an act of love or thankfulness, a celebration of stability or transition, or an acknowledgement of personal success or challenge. Whatever the reason, there is both power and mindfulness in selecting a gift.

The Power of Gift Giving

Your own nurturing power creates the conditions for creative gift giving. Celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, marriages, and holidays are the most common. But what about celebrating a poignant moment you have shared with another, a personal story you wish to memorialize, or a spiritual or emotional connection you want to maintain. A tangible gift to acknowledge these special moments in life can evoke lasting memories and feelings that will not fade over time.

The Mindfulness of Gift Giving

Mindfulness is the second aspect of gift giving. The proper gift, given from the heart, creates a mindful and meaningful connection to the recipient. Take a moment to consider the reason for the gift. What is it you want to convey both about yourself and the recipient? A gift can do both of these things—communicate with the other and express yourself.

Then there are by-products of powerful and mindful gift giving. First, you feel happy! You have affirmed your relationship and forged a new emotional connection with another human being. Gift giving can give you a sense of purpose and improve your state of mind. This is the true pleasure of generosity.

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Source – Kathy Staples

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