view from the villa

In the Mediterranean Sea, off the coast of the vertical city of Positano, Italy, is a small archipelago containing three islands: Gallo Lungo, La Castelluccia, and the circular La Rotunda. A myth has followed these islands since 1 AD when the Greek geographer Strabo marked them as the home of three sirens. These sirens took the forms of beautiful mermaids, with the upper bodies of women and the tails of fish. Parthenope played the lyre, Lucosia sang, and Ligeia played the flute. And the music the sirens made lured sailors off course, towards shipwreck in the rocky shallows.


llyn strong recently traveled to Italy for vacation and was taken by a carved cameo of a mermaid. She researched the sirens of Positano and drew inspiration from the myth and the aquatic beauty of the mermaids themselves. We’re excited to announce that our next collection will be themed around these mermaids. More updates will be posted as they become available!

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