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Fall 2024 Gemstone Roundtable

You are invited to the

Fall 2024 Gemstone Roundtable

2023: The Year of the Bee

It is the “Year of the Bee” at llyn strong fine art jewelry in Greenville, S.C. Different themes have appeared in the custom work created at llyn strong over the years: from butterflies (representing change and transformation), mermaids based on a trip to the Amalfi Coast of Italy, ammonites and spirals (depicting eternity and life cycles) to angels in honor of Nana (llyn’s mother and Sydney’s grandmother). Bees became a point of interest for 2023, not only because of their beauty as a symbol for community, but also because of their impact on humanity as a whole.

Bee Symbolism

Each bee works astonishingly hard, performing an integral part of the total job, yet the glory of bees is that they truly work as a team. Our six uniquely talented team members stand ready to contribute to the creation of every jewelry piece that we produce. Each design starts with a sketch and moves through the different stages of production: CAD (computer-aided design) or hand fabrication, 3D printing, casting, polishing, stone setting, and finishing.
The symbolism of community that bees invoke ties into our creative dynamic as a team in how we work together to bring each custom piece of jewelry to life.

Why Bees Are So Important

Bees also play a very important role in humanity.

According to Friends of the Earth Organization the top five reasons bees are important, they:

  • Help produce 1/3 of our food supply.
  • Help provide ½ of the world’s fibers, oils, and other raw materials.
  • Help create many medicines.
  • Provide food for wildlife.
  • Help prevent soil erosion.

You can understand, then, why our own team elected to highlight these dedicated winged creatures and make 2023 the “Year of the Bee.”

Queen Bee Cuff
Queen Bee Cuff (sold)

Our Bee Collection

Beautiful bee inspired jewelry:

In addition to the bee themed jewelry, llyn is creating Encaustic paintings, made with beeswax, pigments, and oil-based inks and paints with gold and silver leaf added. And of course, the themes of these beeswax paintings are all bees:

“Enchanted Bees 1-2-3”

Visit the “Bee Collection” at our retail store located at 1322 E. Washington St., Suite C1, Greenville SC, online, or at the Kessler Collection in Greenville’s Grand Bohemian Lodge.

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