This Year’s Theme: Ammonites

We are excited to announce our annual theme at llyn strong will be ammonites. Ammonites are an extinct group of invertebrates with a distinctive helix shaped shell that often appears intact in fossils.

llyn first had the idea for 2015’s jewelry theme while attending the gem and mineral show in Tucson, AZ. The show is massive and includes not just gems but meteorites, geodes, even fossils. llyn was drawn to the spiral shape of the ammonite fossil, which has always been a universal symbol for eternity as well as life. The spirals also brought to mind Gustav Klimt, one of llyn’s favorite artists.

Several designs inspired by ammonites have already been produced including earrings, rings, and a clasp. The earlier designs focus on “skeletal” ammonites, meaning that the lines of the shell are recreated in a delicate, hollow, vector-based style. As the year rolls forward llyn plans to expand into more “solid” reproductions and other experimental designs.

Please stop by our main street storefront at 119 N Main St in Greenville and check out our growing collection of ammonite fossils and the fine art jewelry they’ve inspired!

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