Top 5 Trending Diamond Styles for 2024

Diamonds are synonymous with brilliance and beauty! They are a solid form of the element carbon with their atoms arranged in a crystal structure.

Today, diamonds are available in many shapes, cuts and colors. The most popular shape, cut and color is the colorless or near colorless “Ideal” or “American” cut round-brilliant diamond. It is the standard for maximizing a perfect balance between brilliance and fire.

Marcel Tolkowsky first formulated the proportions in his 1919 treatise, “Diamond Design.” After the invention of the mechanized diamond saw, cutters were able to use Tolkowsky’s proportions to cut round-brilliant diamonds with less waste and more brilliance. So, what are the top 5 diamond styles for 2024? Let’s dig in to our picks!

1. Rose Cut Diamonds

A rose-cut diamond is a cabochon-like diamond that is all crown and has no pavilion. It is the way diamonds were first cut and polished before the invention of mechanized tools.

They typically have large triangular facets in a honeycomb-like pattern. Diamonds cut in this style were originally called “Rosettes” because of a supposed similarity between the pattern of their facets and the petals of a budding rose.

Rose cuts have certainly seen a resurgence in the past few decades and are being cut again because of the high demand by jewelry designers.

At llyn strong fine art jewelry in Greenville, SC, we use rose cut diamonds in a variety of creative designs. They especially work well for stud earrings as they sit very flat against the earlobe.

Rose cuts come in colorless and near colorless as well as many natural colors and have the appearance of being a larger stone than their carat weight indicates because of the lack of a pavilion.

2. Diamond Briolettes, Beads, and Rondelles

The Briolette, which is a diamond in the form of a drop faceted all the way around, represents one of the oldest forms of symmetrical diamond cutting.

This cut lends itself to being designed as a pendant or drop earrings and was incorporated in many Royal Crowns and Tiaras.

One of the most famous briolette jewels is the diamond necklace given to the Empress Marie Louise by Napoleon.

The designers at llyn strong fine art jewelry occasionally use briolettes in their designs, but you can see diamond beads and rondelles (a sister to the briolette) used daily in necklaces and drop earrings.

The diamond bead and rondelle are round or lentil and button shaped diamonds that have been faceted all the way around.

A hole is then laser drilled in the center to enable the bead to be strung on a steel cord. llyn, Sydney, and the team wear multiple strands of diamond beads daily and you can find a very diverse collections of diamond bead strands in various sizes, colors and shapes.

3. Diamond Slices

Diamond slices are among the more unusually shaped diamonds available at llyn strong fine art jewelry.

llyn first found diamond slices available from dealers in the early 2000s at the American Gem Trade Association show held in Tucson, AZ every February. She was fascinated by them because of their unusual one-of-a-kind appearance.

Some dealers refer to them as “Garden Diamonds” because of the patterning and veining in them. They are thin slices of diamond which usually have large triangular shaped facets on the top side and work best in earrings and pendants, but we have also created beautiful bracelets and rings with them.

High-quality diamond slices are getting more and more difficult to find.

4. Miner and European Diamonds

The first version and subsequent variations of the 58-facet brilliant cut are now called “Old Miners” cut or “Peruzzi” cut.

Vincenzo Peruzzi invented cutting a stone with 58 facets. Old Miners feature a nearly square or cushion shape and are recognized mainly by their high crown, small table, deep pavilion and very large culet.

In the late 19th century, diamonds were cut to a rounder shape due to machine versus hand bruting (the first step in shaping and cutting a stone) and are referred to as “Old European Cut” diamonds.

These older cuts are rarer, and we use these mostly in custom re-designs often using diamonds from customers’ inherited jewelry.

We specialize in custom design using older jewelry and stones and we also supply beautiful high-quality diamonds.

5. Modern Fancy Shaped Diamonds

With modern technology and modern cutting and polishing equipment, there are many “Fancy” shapes available today.

Many shapes fall in this category such as “Oval,” “Pear,” “Marquis,” “Emerald,” “Princess,” and “Radiant” cuts just to name a few.

New and innovative cutting is always being developed to optimize the beauty of a diamond.

Find Your Unique Style at llyn strong

Shape and cut play a huge role in the Top Diamond Styles for 2024; however, color plays an important role in the beauty of a diamond, too! Diamonds truly do come in a large variety of colors. At llyn strong fine art jewelry, we love to use colored diamonds as the main attraction in a design or to accent other stones.

Celebrate your uniquely personal style with jewelry designed and created for you with our team of talented artisans. Our own “Doc of Rocks” and Graduate Gemologist, Sydney Strong, can help you find the perfect shape, cut and color of diamond that speaks to you. Please call 864-233-5900, come by our store located at 1322 E. Washington St. in Greenville, SC, or find us online at

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