Unbreakable Hearts for Valentine’s Day

It’s Time to Celebrate Romance and Love!

“For this was on Saint Valentine’s Day, when every bird comes there to choose his match”

– Geoffrey Chaucer, 1382

Although the Feast of St. Valentine was established at the end of the fifth century as a religious day to honor two Christian martyrs named Valentine, it would be another thousand years before the holy-day would become associated with romantic and courtly love. By the 1700s English “lovebirds” celebrated the day by presenting flowers, confectionary, and handwritten notes. Printed paper Valentines, called mechanical valentines,” appeared as early as 1797.

More than any other symbol, the heart has come to symbolize love and affection. The heart shape we recognize today, with a dent at the crown and a downward point, was first popularized as a sign of romantic love in the 1500s. Since then, the shape has graced millions of greeting cards, candy and candy boxes, and other tokens of regard.

For over 20 years, llyn strong has celebrated Valentine’s Day with a special collection of Unbreakable Hearts, each made of iron and embellished with precious metals and gemstones for a one-of-a-kind design. With their distinctive personalities, these hearts represent the strength, resilience, and love that endure through any trial in life. To acknowledge that special person or to celebrate love in your own life, consider one of llyn’s personalized Unbreakable Hearts. These hearts will endure through generations.

Loved By the Dozen

Carried Away

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