llyn strong fine art jewelry has moved!

Come see us in our new location at 1322 East Washington Street, Suite C1.

We have moved for all the strong reasons..

A strong craving for all things fresh and new.

A strong desire to make a lasting mark on the world.

A willingness to take strong measures to create beauty and joy.

Visit our new strong location: 1322 East Washington Street, Suite C1 to help us

celebrate new strong beginnings.

Thank you for your continued strong support.

Give us a call at 864.233.5900 if you have any questions or need assistance finding our new location.

llyn strong store location on Google maps.

The Next Phase

While it’s fun to reminisce about my 34-year professional life on Main Street in downtown Greenville, I’m now eager to embrace a new opportunity: a

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“We’re excited to embrace the new location in a wonderful part of our thriving downtown. I can’t wait to further share our work and build relationships within the City of Greenville.” – llyn strong