Walking Through the Custom Process

One of the truly unique services offered at llyn strong fine art jewelry is the opportunity to work one on one with llyn or any member of her team in order to create a piece of custom jewelry exactly how you want. Every year we complete over 100 pieces of custom jewelry, each one specially designed to a customer’s needs. We spoke with one of our customers, Jan Bunnell, on her experience with the custom process. Jan commissioned her first piece of jewelry when she and her daughter happened upon the shop while walking downtown. She fell in love with a pair of tsavorite garnet and yellow diamond earrings in a display case but worried she wouldn’t wear them often enough because she rarely wore earrings. So she commissioned a matching necklace.

The custom process can begin in several ways, from selecting a stone at a Gemstone Roundtable event to coming into the store with an idea for a custom engagement ring, however inspiration strikes. You can have a concrete plan with a few stones picked out or just an inkling going into the first consultation. Jan said “I’d bring in rough ideas and llyn would just run with them.” For one specific piece, Jan wanted a cuff bracelet that would remind her of her mother when she wore it and she already had diamonds that she wanted to include. She had seen other pieces with the angel motif in the store and she liked that but wanted to make it unique. “llyn and her team designed an angel cuff using my mom’s birthstone, opal as the body, gold as the wings and my diamonds as stars. My husband has dubbed it the Wonder Woman cuff which is very fitting since my Mom was quite a Wonder Woman in her own right!” By the end of the consultation, after an in-depth conversation and several sketches, you’ll have a concept for a unique piece of jewelry with an estimate.

After the deposit is collected, the custom process begins in earnest. Kate develops a 3d model of the piece in CAD software. You will receive an email with computerized renderings of the piece for your approval. Tweaks can be made at this point, before the wax model is printed on our 3d printer. Once the renders are approved a metal casting is produced for the customer to come and see in person. Finally, three to twelve weeks after the consultation, the final piece is finished. llyn provides a photograph and appraisal of each piece for insurance purposes.

Jan spoke of the experience: “It was a real pleasure to work with llyn, Sydney, Erin, Kate and Deborah. They are able to take a rough idea and create pieces of jewelry that are not only breathtaking, but very meaningful to me and to my family as well. Each item my husband or I have purchased will be a meaningful heirloom that, needless to say, my daughters have already put dibs on!”

If there’s any idea you have for a piece of jewelry, something you’ve wanted but haven’t been able to find, come by llyn strong fine art jewelry for a consultation. Our custom process allows us to work with you on a timeless, one of a kind gift, for yourself or someone close to you. If you are looking for inspiration or the perfect gemstone to begin your custom journey, join us at our upcoming Gemstone Roundtable event this September 24, 25, and 26.


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