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Creative Ways to Use Paraiba Tourmaline in Your Custom Jewelry

Whether you are looking for the perfect engagement ring, updating your heirloom jewelry, or creating a brand-new statement piece, custom design means creating exactly what you’re looking for. Everyone who commissions a custom piece at llyn strong fine art jewelry located in Midtown Greenville, SC works with llyn’s team several times throughout the process to make sure the piece is a perfect fit artistically, technically, and personally.

Sydney Strong, dubbed the “Doc of Rocks” and now owner of llyn strong, is one of only a few Graduate Gemologists in the Greenville area. She can source the perfect shape, size and color of Paraiba tourmaline for your custom piece of jewelry.

Paraiba tourmalines, also known as cuprian tourmalines, are the rarest and most sought-after in the tourmaline family. What gives Paraiba tourmaline its unique color is the presence of copper. The most sought-after color of Paraiba is vivid Caribbean blue green. So how can YOU use this stunning gem in a way that WOWs? Check out some ideas below.

1. Custom Jewelry Featuring Rare Paraiba Tourmaline

Paraiba tourmaline as the main event or the focal point in the jewelry that is customized for you automatically says custom because of the rarity of this beautiful stone. It can certainly stand alone as a ring or a pendant as well as a pair of earrings or in a bracelet. Even a single stone used in a piece of jewelry can be a unique piece by adding shapes and imagery in the metal that can represent your personality. Also, Paraiba is beautiful in any colors of metal: rose gold, yellow gold, white gold as well as platinum.

2. Vibrant Accent: Smaller Paraiba Tourmalines

Smaller Paraiba tourmalines can be set as accent stones surrounding or enhancing a diamond or other colored stone. They are great accent stones and add a lot of vibrance to your custom piece. By using smaller Paraiba tourmalines, you can keep the cost down, as opposed to using larger versions of the same quality.

3. Toi Pendant with Paraiba Tourmalines and Aqua Diamonds

One unique way that I, llyn strong, used Paraiba Tourmaline was in my Toi pendant. I paired a large oval, very rare blue Paraiba with a large pear shaped Caribbean colored Paraiba-like tourmaline. Then I accented the bail with very small aqua blue diamonds. It is made of 18K white gold, and I wear it almost daily. I love it!

4. Personalized Paraiba Custom Engagement Rings Shine

Paraiba is also used in custom engagement rings, either as the main stone or as accent stones. Sydney, our “Doc of Rocks,” wears an oval Paraiba surrounded by champagne diamonds with an Alaskan mountain range in the under gallery (or underneath) her center stone as her engagement ring with a champagne and diamond band as well as a diamond and Paraiba band. They are all made of 18K rose gold and everything about them is very personal. Paraiba has been Sydney’s favorite stone since she was a little girl. She was engaged in Alaska; Champagne is her favorite wine; and she loves rose gold – so her personality is truly represented in this custom wedding jewelry.

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Paraiba Tourmalines at llyn strong fine art jewelry

Paraiba Tourmalines are unique because of their rarity and beauty. Let us source the best stone for you at llyn strong fine art jewelry located in the heart of Greenville, SC. Once we have helped you find your perfect stone, we can then transform it into the perfect piece of jewelry to reflect your own unique personality. You can find us at 1322 E. Washington St. Suite C1 Greenville, SC, online at, or by calling 864-233-5900.

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